Online Summit for women leaders hosted by Regenerative Rising

May 3-5th, Register here

In its fourth year, the Women Leading Regeneration Online Summit centers women’s leadership as a key to planetary health. This online summit gathers women leaders from around the world for a 2-day online summit focused on elevating the capacity of women’s leadership to facilitate change and positive impact across sectors.

As the event organizers say, “This summit’s goal is to activate our power and bravery, as women, to change the world. All of our power comes from the Earth. By feeding the Earth, we are feeding ourselves and that allows us to empower each other. We want you to come away from this gathering with that knowing. By the end of this event, we seek to activate our shared ableness to CARE: Connect, Activate, Reflect, and Embody.”

Ann Armbrecht, Director of the Sustainable Herbs Program, spoke briefly with Seleyn DeYarus, Founder and Executive Director of Regenerative Rising, about the event.

What is the Women Leading Regeneration Event? 

This event centers women’s leadership as a key to planetary health. As a 100% female-led team, it is Regenerative Rising’s honor to gather women leaders from around the world for a highly engaging 3-day online summit focused on elevating, nurturing, and resourcing the capacity of women’s leadership to facilitate change and positive impact across sectors. With dynamic speakers, wisdom-filled working sessions, and invaluable networking opportunities, this summit’s goal is to activate our power and bravery, as women, to change the world.

Why women? What do they bring/offer and why is it important to host an event featuring only women speakers?

As we built the Summit, it became evident that the way women lead is creating new pathways. They create big opportunities to reset how we are generating our living upon the Earth and big opportunities to reset how we treat one another. We celebrate the rising leadership and influence of women in our communities, as pioneers and leaders. Women in regeneration demonstrate a propensity to lead from a different orientation than traditional approaches, which are often formed out of a patriarchal lens. As society grapples with a host of challenges, old modes of thought and behavior have led us to this moment, new leadership from the unique perspective of women is bringing with it new ways of perceiving, knowing, and designing. We think women becoming part of decision making will provide important shifts from the status quo.

There is a wide diversity of speakers on a number of different topics. How does the theme of regeneration weave through this diversity?

From our perspective, regeneration is a principle-guided framework that is rooted in a living systems world view. From how we relate to the land, water, and our choices like building our wardrobe, we see that developing our understanding of the interconnection between all choices is key to making more mindful decisions that carry the awareness of outcomes. We have brought together women who come from a diversity of cultures, perspectives, and lineages to share from their lived experiences. We have designed for a journey that underscores the unique ways women can contribute and most importantly to build cohorts that elevate and support the efforts of women.

What are you most excited about for this particular event at this moment in time?

The women of Regenerative Rising Team together with the women of nRhythm have been working for 3 months designing Leadership Day and Women Leading Regeneration Summit. We have been dedicated to featuring a diversity of voices and perspectives. We are honored to have women from indigenous, BIPOC, and gay communities. We have women who manage farms, ranches, and businesses. We have women who are water protectors, designers, visionaries and authors and filmmakers. It is our best effort to date to weave a complex tapestries of women that reflect the diversity of humanity.

Any particular speakers or sessions you would like to highlight that are particularly relevant to those who might be interested in responsible and ethical sourcing of medicinal plants in the botanical industry?

On Wednesday, May 4 at 1:45PM MDT, ethnobotanist, Linda Black Elk, is giving a Regenerative Slam drawing upon the stories of her people to awaken our relatedness to the plants, land, and waters as a path to heal ourselves and become stewards from a more intimate relationship with all living things.

Anything else you would like to add?

We aim to create a welcoming for all women to join our banquet. There are many seats at this table, and we hold as sacred the inclusion of any woman who has not felt welcomed in other contexts. We are growing a movement for the regeneration of how we define leadership and the means to positively impact our world so that all life can thrive.