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We are thrilled to be hosting another series of webinars. This year the themes of ethnobotany and sustainability of the botanical industry weave through each of the webinars. We hope you enjoy them!

Thank you again to SHP Underwriters whose generous support made these webinars possible.

Partnerships in Sourcing Australian Sandalwood: A Conversation with Clinton Farmer, current Chairman of Kutkabbuba Aboriginal Corporation and Keith Drage, Managing Director of WA Sandalwood Plantations

“Dutjahn is more than a sacred plant to the Martu and Wongi Nations, it is part of our soul and a key link to our spiritual identity.”

— Darren Farmer, Chairman of Dutjahn Custodians, Owner – Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils

Jan. 6, 7 am, ET; 8 pm Perth, Australia. NOTE time. The webinar will be live at this time to accommodate the time difference between the US and Australia. We will share the recording with registered participants.

This webinar will discuss the unique partnership that led to the creation of Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils, a Western Australian based sandalwood oil distillation company backed by Dutkahn Custodians, Kutubbubba Aboriginal Corporation, and the founders of WA Sandalwood Plantations (WASP) in Australia. Dutjahn, the Aboriginal word for ‘Sandalwood’ in the Martu and Wongi language, is 50% Indigenous-owned and makes essential oils by fusing Indigenous harvested wild wood from native title lands with sustainably managed plantation wood. Winner of a UN Equator Prize and two-time Australian Exporter Award winning company, Dutjahn supplies many of the world’s largest fragrance companies.

Farmer and Drage will discuss the importance of the sandalwood tree and harvesting for the Australian Aboriginal communities and, in particular, the cultural practices of custodianship that Clinton learned from his father, Ken Farmer, that is at the heart of Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils. We will talk about the evolution of the partnership with WASP and how partners ensure that the relationship is equitable and fair for all parties, particularly the Aboriginal communities who are often excluded or exploited in international trade partnerships. Finally, we will talk about the Western Australian sandalwood industry as a whole, the threats to that industry, and what must be done to ensure a sustainable supply.

Clinton Farmer, Director, Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils

Clinton is a self-employed sandalwood harvester and he manages and operates the Kutkububba Aboriginal Corporation’s Indigenous Martu harvesting enterprise. Caring for Country and following in his father’s footsteps is a cultural and commercial obligation to the Martu people. He is also a Director of Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils. He has never worked for anyone in his whole life, because he is a self-employed sandalwood harvester. His father (first contact – deceased) taught him to care for country with socio-economic and environmental principles.

Keith Drage, Managing Director, WA Sandalwood Plantations (WASP)

Keith immigrated to Australia in late 2000 and shortly after, together with Ron Mulder, founded WA Sandalwood Plantations (WASP). Keith has been involved with the development and management of every commercial Australian sandalwood plantation developed by WASP. Keith oversees WASP’s commercial management including investor relations, finance and sales. In addition, Keith has focused on the marketing, distribution and sales of sustainable plantation sandalwood products into India, China and Taiwan. Keith graduated in Chemistry from University College, London in 1986.

Cross-Cultural Understandings of Traditional Herbal Knowledge: A Conversation with Ruyu Yao

Jan. 20, Time to be Announced
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