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We are thrilled to be hosting another series of webinars. This year the themes of ethnobotany and sustainability of the botanical industry weave through each of the webinars. We hope you enjoy them!

Thank you again to SHP Underwriters whose generous support made these webinars possible.

Issues in Chinese Botanical Industry: A Conversation with Thomas Avery Garran

Thomas Avery Garran has been living in China since 2007 and received his PhD in Materia Medica studies and Plant Pharmacy at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing: National Center for Materia Medica Resources and Daodi Herbs (the first non-Chinese recipient of this degree). Thomas will speak about his perspectives on what is happening on the ground with herb production in China (wild versus cultivated, the need for domestic cultivation, and other topics). He will also explain “daodi” and what that means in the domestic and global market of medicinal plants from China.


Thomas has been studying herbal medicine for 30 years and Chinese medicine for over 25 years. He holds a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA (USA) and eared his PhD in Beijing. His latest publications are, Growing Chinese Herbs: Daodi Practices for Growing and Processing Chinese Herbs and Chinese Medicine and COVID-19: Results and Reflections from China (FREE ebook) published and sold exclusively by Passiflora Press. Thomas and his wife Holly are also founders of Herb Whisperer, a company focused on environmental and ecological literacy via its Learning Garden and farming consultancy program and also produces natural skincare products for the Chinese market.

June 30, time 6-7 pm ET (Note time, Dr. Garran is in Beijing)
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Below are upcoming webinars as well as recordings of all previous webinars. If you prefer to listen by audio, we also have created a podcast and will be uploading all of these recordings there as well. Please note that do to a technical difficulty the webinar with Cassandra Quaves ends abruptly. Our apologies!

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