Webinar Series

SHP and ABC are hosting a series of online conversations on key issues around sustainability and the botanical industry with leaders in the botanical community. After the first webinar, these will typically be scheduled on the first and third Thursday of each month at 2 pm. We have selected this time as a way to provide a virtual brown bag lunch series.


The development of of Crofelemer: Connecting ethnobotany, conservation, biocultural diversity, indigenous knowledge and global public health.

In this webinar, ethnobotanist, Steven King, PhD will discuss his work creating a sustainable harvesting program for Croton lechleri (Euphorbiaceae), for use in Crofelemer, the first oral botanical drug approved by the US FDA. King in particular will talk about his work with international partners and indigenous and local communities to conserve biological diversity, recognize intellectual property rights, and meet global human health care needs.

Dr. Steven R. King is an ethnobotanist who has conducted field research on the use of plants for food and medicine in the highland and lowland regions of South America, Africa and parts of Southeast Asia over the past 42 years. Dr. King holds a PhD in biology with a focus on ethnobotany and economic botany. He is currently chief of sustainable supply, ethnobotanical research and IP at Jaguar Health. He and his colleagues in several Andean countries have created a long term sustainable harvesting program of Croton lechleri, (the source of crofelemer) in collaboration with local and indigenous communities and regional scientists.

Thursday, February 4, 2021, 2-3 pm EDT
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Herbal tea sourcing with respect (with UEBT The Union for Ethical BioTrade) 

Sourcing botanicals for herbal teas is a complicated process. Most herbal teas are a blend of different ingredients, typically from small-scale producers, including as many as 300 different ingredients in herbal teas, originating in more than 100 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Challenges to sourcing include threats to biodiversity, overuse of pesticides, minimal quality control, and over-harvesting of wild botanical species. This webinar will discuss some of the challenges in sourcing herbal tea ingredients with respect to social equity and biodiversity, with particular attention to how to improve conditions on small farms. Speakers to be announced.
February 18, 10:00 – 11:00 am EST (Note time).
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Farmer’s Voices 1: Regenerative Practices on Corporate-Owned Farms

March 18, 2-3 pm EST (more information and registration coming soon)

Farmer’s Voices 2: Regenerative Practices on Family-Owned Farms

More information coming soon.



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