The SHP Sustainability & Regenerative Practices Toolkit

The SHP Sustainability and Regenerative Practices Toolkit is a collection of practical resources and best practices, specific to the herb and botanical business sectors, that businesses of any size can utilize to become more socially and environmentally responsible.

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What is Sustainable/Regenerative Herbal Medicine?

Biodiversity loss and the climate emergency threaten the raw materials on which the natural products industry depends. If there are no plants or no soil in which to grow the plants, there will be no industry or consumers to buy the products the industry produces.

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Why Invest in Sustainability and Regeneration?

The botanical industry, an industry based on the value of propositions of wellness and health, is uniquely suited to lead the way in demonstrating ways of doing business that serve the human and ecological communities on which health and wellness depend.

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Creating a Culture

Depends on strong leadership and a clear mission statement. A company can be both profitable and sustainable.

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Tools to Begin

What are the Issues We Are Facing?

From the Supply Chain to the Value Network

Transparency is increasingly required by regulations and is expected by consumers. How transparent is your supply chain? How much do you know about the raw materials you source and the farmers and collectors who produce them?

Telling Stories: From Consumers to Citizens

Tell stories, but tell stories about the people, places, and plants to make those lives and places visible, not simply to sell a product. Share information about your company. Talk about what is at stake and why it matters.

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Take a Stand

Join the partners and collaborators.

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