The Medicine of Place and The Business of Botanicals

The medicine of place and the business of botanicalsThese two phrases capture the heart of what I am exploring in my work.

To me, medicine of place is about being nested in a web of relationships that are governed by care, with plants at the center.

And the business of botanicals instead refers to commodities that are governed by the logic of capital, which quite often involves practices that are the opposite of taking care.

Yet plants hold the promise of both. They are living entities with which we interact and products on which we depend. In The Business of Botanicals, I explore whether it is possible for them to be both. And I ask what are the conditions needed to be able to source herbs in ways that are in the service of all life, human and non-human?

Read more in this free excerpt of the Introduction to The Business of Botanicals (click the link to download the excerpt).

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