Leadership in a Mission-Driven Company

“Many have speculated about the impact the US election will have on domestic and international food systems. Convincing arguments have been made that we should build back greener and build back better.

But, these moments in time are bubbles. By the time everyone is taken care of, we finally turn our minds to what we can do to rebuild greener, better. What we don’t realize is that the moment to act has passed. We took so long getting ready to fix the system that it already solidified into the new norm.

With the US election behind us—for the most part—and with COVID-19 still in front of us, we need to make sure that we do not squander the opportunities we have. This is not the time for herding cats—that is an impossible task… But, while you can’t herd cats, you can lead them. That’s what we need now—leadership. We need a vision of what we want for our children, for everyone’s children, and we need to start building it today.”

— Jason Clay, Ex Director, Markets Institute, World Wildlife Foundation

Creating a Culture of Sustainability and RegenerationWhat Makes a Good Leader?

  • What is the role of leadership in a mission-driven botanical company?
  • What does it take to create and nurture a culture of sustainability and regeneration within that company?
  • What role does a strong and clear vision and mission play?
  • How do certifications fit in?

In this conversation, SHP Director Ann Armbrecht will speak with Herb Pharm CEO, Tal Johnson, and Pukka Herbs Co-Founder, Sebastian Pole, about the responsibilities and challenges of leadership, specific practices they have found to support individual and team creativity and growth, and the balance of staying true to the mission while evolving to meet changing circumstances. They will reflect on the lessons they have learned and the urgency of taking action.

To learn more, read the SHP Toolkit case study with Sebastian Pole about how they worked to incorporate Pukka’s mission into the day to day operations of the company.

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, 2-3 Pm EDT
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