Transparency in the Herb Industry

I’ve created a list of our top 5 most popular interviews with leaders in the herb industry to make it easier to find them. Watch the videos on the SHP site for more in-depth discussions with many of these individuals on these issues.

  1. First, our first round up of interviews on the business of herbal medicine. This collection includes a collection of interviews with leaders in the herb industry including Beth Lambert and David Winston of Herbalist Alchemist, Deb Soule of Avena Botanicals, Jovial King of Urban Moonshine, and Dr. Tieraona LowDog.
  2. Growing Medicinal Plants – an Interview with Jeff Carpenter of Zack Woods Herb Farm. Jeff, who began Zack Woods with his wife, Melanie Carpenter, describes what led them to begin growing medicinal herbs. He talks about their vision for their farm and the challenges and importance of increasing domestic herb production in the US.
  3. Pukka Herbs, FairWild, And Sustainable Sourcing. While growing herbs domestically is important, sometimes it isn’t always possible to do so. In this interview, Sebastian Pole talks about how Pukka Herbs sources medicinal plants for their teas, the challenges of doing so sustainably, and the importance of new standards like Fair Wild.
  4. Essential Oils By Cathy Skipper. Essential oils are often used and promoted by those who know little about the plants themselves. In my conversation with Cathy Skipper, she talks about the importance of re-connecting with these plants and of finding out how the companies you buy from source the herbs for the oils they produce.
  5. The Business Of Herbal Medicine By Josef Brinckmann. And last but not least, my interview with Josef Brinckmann, Vice President of Sustainability for Traditional Medicinals, the conversation that started me following herbs through the supply chain in the first place!