Forest Farming in Appalachia

“We can create the world we want to live in,” Alison Czeczuga, Sustainability and Social Impact Manager from Gaia Herbs, says in this short video. Companies can play a part in that.

Forest Botanicals Company Pledge

The Forest Botanicals Company Pledge outlines steps companies can take to support sustainable and ethical supply networks of forest botanicals from Appalachia. These steps include providing input into ABFFC’s Point of Harvest program, joining the new Forest Farming Council, providing financial resources by investing in trainings and developing sources of planting stock. Sign the pledge to show your support!

Take Action

  • If you are a company, please consider signing the Forest Botanicals Company Pledge to demonstrate your support and to get involved! Share it on social media and encourage more companies to get involved!
  • Buy herbal products? Tag your favorite herb companies and asking them to sign the pledge.
  • Download the Sustainable Sourcing Letter to send to those companies to let them know you care and that you are paying attention!

Forest Botanical Company Pledge 

Sustainable Sourcing 

  • Create an ethical wild harvesting agreement if you don’t already have one.
  • Interested in purchasing Forest Grown Verified forest botanicals? Contact ASD’s Appalachian Harvest Herb Hub for more details and availability.

Provide Input!

  • Fill out this survey to provide input on ABFFC’s Point of Harvest Certification program to train and certify wild harvesters on forest botanical best management practices.
  • Join the American Forest Farming Council (AFFC) – fill out this survey to get involved.

Invest in the Future of Forest Farming

  • Sponsor a forest farmer training – contact ABFFC for more details.
  • Subsidize forest botanical planting stock and certifications to offset financial barriers to forest farming. Contact ASD’s Appalachian Harvest Herb Hub for more details!
  • Donate to ASD’s Appalachian Harvest Herb Hub to help a network of forest farmers in Appalachia sustainably grow and harvest forest botanicals.