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Ethnobotany and The Secret Life of Plants

The Stories Plants Tell

A conversation with ethnobotanist Claudia Ford about her research into the uses of medicinal plants by African slaves in the American South during the 1800s and the implications of this research for the decolonization of herbalism.

Wilson Lau Sourcing from China

Wilson Lau: Sourcing Herbs from China

In this SHP Webinar, Wison Lau, President of NuHerbs, talks about a wide ranging set of issues relating to sourcing herbs from China.

Turmeric root in market in Vietnamn

How Sourcing Botanicals Impacts Product Quality

Key highlights from "Sourcing Botanicals and Quality Control: a Conversation with Drs. Michael Heinrich and Anthony Booker" a webinar on the relationship between sourcing and finished herbal product quality.

Dutjahn Sandalwood Oil

Partnerships in Sourcing Australian Sandalwood

This SHP webinar explores the unique partnership of Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils, a Western Australian based sandalwood oil distillation company backed by Dutkahn Custodians, Kutubbubba Aboriginal Corporation, and the founders of WA Sandalwood Plantations (WASP) in Australia.


Sustainable Herbs Program Podcast

Listen to the Sustainable Herbs Program webinars on audio! Find out about the new SHP podcast.

Side Effects of Certifications

Side Effects of Certification

What are the side effects of business? What are the less visible positive effects of certifications? Key points from the FairWild Week Webinar: 'Wild Plants are Our Business' co-hosted by Sustainable Herbs Program, TRAFFIC, and the FairWild Foundation.

Leadership and Mission

Leadership in Mission-Driven Companies

Key points about leadership and values in mission-driven companies from the SHP Toolkit webinar: Leadership and Mission: Creating a Culture of Sustainability and Regeneration. In conversation with Sebastian Pole and Tal Johnson.

How Fair is Fair Trade

How Fair is Fair Trade?

Select clips from the SHP webinar, co-hosted with the FairWild Foundation, on what makes fair trade fair and how certification helps.


Webinar Co-Hosted with UEBT

Highlights from the webinar, Herbal Tea Sourcing with Respect, co-hosted by the Sustainable Herbs Program and UEBT.

Living income

Living Income in the Botanical Industry

A Sustainable Herbs Program webinar exploring how the living income concept can help to address economic inequity in the botanical industry.

Ethnobotany as Reciprocity

Ethnobotany as Reciprocity

What insights do stories of indigenous practices have for an industry rooted in the buying and selling of medicinal plants from around the world? Highlights from the SHP Ethnobotany Webinar with Nancy Turner and Leigh Joseph (Styawat).

Sue Evans talks about ideas for teaching herbalists about sustainability

Regenerative Farming in the Herb Industry

We are excited to announce the first of what will be a series of webinars that explore the specific steps involved in sourcing botanicals in ways that are good for the plants, for people, and for the planet.

The Business Case for Sustainability

5 Lessons: Why Sustainability is Good for Business

Brian Zapp, of Applied Food Sciences, and Andrea Zangara, of Euromed talk about why investing in quality and sustainability makes good business sense.

COVID Stress test for the Botanical Industry

COVID: A Stress Test for the Botanical Industry

SHP Director, Ann Armbrecht spoke with SHP Inaugural Underwriters, Loren Israelsen, President, United Natural Products Alliance, Angela McElwee, President and CEO of Gaia Herbs, and Ajay Patel, Founder and CEO of Verdure Sciences about the challenges the botanical industry is facing because of COVID and steps companies can take to ensure ...

Business Case for Sustainability

Webinar: The Business Case for Sustainability

In this webinar, SHP Director Ann Armbrecht will speak with Brian Zapp, Creative Director at Applied Food Sciences, and Andrea Zangara, Scientific Marketing Manager at Euromed, two companies that are Inaugural Underwriters of SHP, about why investing in sustainability is essential to sourcing high quality botanicals.

Plants at the Center: Rosemary Gladstar

Webinar: Dr. Tieraona Low Dog

Tieraona Low Dog, MD is a physician, author, educator and thought leader in integrative medicine. She speaks with SHP Director, Ann Armbrecht about what young people can do to care for themselves and their communities, physically and emotionally, during this time.

Botanical Supply Sustainability in the Time of COVID

Webinar: Botanical Supply Sustainability in the time of COVID

The disruptions caused by COVID-19, challenging as they are, offer an opportunity to address these underlying environmental and ethical issues. In this conversation, industry leaders will discuss the particular challenges the botanical industry is facing in terms of supply and sourcing and specific steps companies can take to ensure susta...