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How many plants are cultivated

How Many Medicinal Plants are Cultivated?

In the Sustainable Herbs Program Webinar, “The Importance of Data in the Botanical Industry,” Josef Brinckmann and Wolfgang Kathe discuss the findings in their recent article, "A New Global Estimation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Species in Commercial Cultivation and Their Conservation Status." Below are some highlights and key poi...

Herb Companies Can Do More

Reflections by Sustainable Herbs Program Director, Ann Armbrecht, PhD documenting the medicinal plant trade in Nepal.

Medicine of Place

Free Excerpt from The Business of Botanicals

What is the medicine of place? Read the introduction to Ann Armbrecht's award winning book, The Business of Botanicals, following medicinal plants from seed to shelf to find out.

AHPA Botanical Congress panel on Climate Change

AHPA 10th Botanical Congress

Key takeaways from AHPA’s 10th Botanical Congress panel, "Climate Change is Real: Case Studies on How the Environment is Impacting Your Herb Supply.“

Consumers Prioritize Sustainability

Key takeaways from HerbalGram article, “Climate-Conscious Consumers Prioritize Sustainable Herbal Products,” by Karen Raterman.

Carbon Footprint of Tea

Measuring Carbon in the Herb Industry

In this webinar, Jane Franch of Numi Organic Tea and Kayalin Akens-Irby of Planet FWD discuss the importance of getting accurate data on carbon emissions as a foundation for taking action to reduce those emissions.

The Carbon Footprint of Tea

The Carbon Footprint of Numi Tea

What is the responsibility of botanical companies in addressing the climate impacts of their sourcing practices? Join us to speak with Numi Tea and Planet FWD to learn more.

What Your Food Ate

Soil Health: What Your Food Ate

Anne Biklé and David Montgomery’s books on soil health connect the dots between the health of the soil, the chemistry of the crops grown in that soil, and the health of our bodies. Read highlights from the SHP Webinar about their most recent book, What Your Food Ate.

Introducing the WildCheck report

Introducing the WildCheck Report

A joint SHP-TRAFFIC webinar to introduce the ground-breaking new report by TRAFFIC, FAO, and IUCN SSC Medicinal Plant Specialist Group, entitled WildCheck: Assessing risks and opportunities of trade in wild plant ingredients.

Reflections by the late Steven Foster

Knowing Plants by Steven Foster

Reflections by the late Steven Foster on approaching plants with his mind, with his heart, and, especially, with awe.

Women Leading Regeneration

Women Leading Regeneration Summit

Women Leading Regeneration gathers women leaders from around the world for a 2-day online summit. SHP Director Ann Armbrecht speaks with the event organizers about the vision and purpose of this event.

Business of Botanicals

Traditional Medicinals Book Club

The Social Good team at Traditional Medicinals (TM) organized a 3-month book club to discuss the themes explored in SHP Director, Ann Armbrecht’s book, The Business of Botanicals: Exploring the Healing Promise of Plant Medicines in a Global Industry. Ann spoke with Hannah Scott, Impact Communications Manager at Traditional Medicinals Fo...

Herbal Reality

Herbal Reality: Sharing Herbal Medicine

A conversation with Sebastian Pole, co-founder of Pukka Herbs, and founder of Herbal Reality, a new online forum of herbal education based in the United Kingdom.

The Free SHP Sustainability and Regenerative Practices Toolkit

The Free SHP Sustainability and Regenerative Practices Toolkit

AUSTIN, Texas (April 21, 2020) — During the week observing the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the nonprofit Sustainable Herbs Program (SHP) announces the publication of The SHP Sustainability & Regenerative Practices Toolkit.

The final post discussing Herb Pharm's process of planning a low waste trade show booth at Expo West 2020, which was cancelled due to COVID-19

Sustainability at Trade Shows - an Oxymoron?

Can the recent cancellation of Expo West be an opportunity for the natural products industry to show the ways it is committed not just to the wellness of consumers and their company’s bottom line but to the wellness of the earth on which we all depend?

UN General Assembly Highlights

David Hircock, Executive Director, Corporate Affairs Global Communications, Estée Lauder Companies, writes about three major UN and International Awards given to longterm partners of Estée Lauder Companies for their work in sustainability and human rights.

25 celebration of United Plant Savers

United Plant Savers Celebration

Highlights from the opening celebration of the Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation at the 25th Anniversary of United Plant Savers.

Sustainability Bootcamp for Herb Industry

An overview of NSF's six-week online Sustainability Bootcamp that provides tools and resources to leading sustainability initiatives in the natural products industry.