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Rosemary Gladstar: Putting Plants at the Center

Rosemary Gladstar: Plants at the Center

A recording of Ann Armbrecht's recent conversation with herbalist Rosemary Gladstar for the Oakmont Sunday Symposium.

The Invitation

An Invitation

Where do herbs come from? An invitation to follow medicinal plants to the source and discover the healing that that journey makes possible.

Medicine of Place

Holistic Health

The promise of herbal medicine is that it is better for us and for the earth. Is that really the case? What is holistic herbal medicine?

Declaration of Dependence

A Declaration of Dependence

A new SHP video celebrating the interdependence of humans and the earth.

Using UpS At Risk tool to monitor harvest of oshá root from Colorado.

Is Oshá Being Over-Harvested?

Is oshá at risk? To find out, Kelly Kindscher and his team at the University of Kansas completed a five-year research study to evaluate the sustainability of current harvest practices of oshá in southeastern Colorado and to develop best practices to protect oshá from over collection.

Pick a Plant – Now What? Five (easy) Steps for Herb Companies

Pick a Plant - Now What? Five (easy) Steps for Herb Companies

Josef Brinckmann, Research Fellow at Traditional Medicinals, outlines five steps for herbal products companies wishing to move toward regenerative and sustainable supply chains. “Just do something!” Josef says. “Just DO. Pick a plant. Be curious. ”

Josef Brinckmann talks about ethical supply chains, wildlife conservation, and biodiversity.

Sustainable Schisandra Sourcing: Wildlife Friendly Tea

Josef Brinckmann of Traditional Medicinals talks about the importance of wildlife in implementing sustainable harvesting in the botanical industry.