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The Sustainable Herbs Program

We created the Sustainable Herbs Project because we were struck by the disconnect between the philosophy of herbal medicine and the reality of what it takes to produce herbal products on a large scale. This disconnect impacts the efficacy of these medicines. And it calls into question the promise of herbal medicine as safer, less expensive, and healthier for humans and the earth.

Our mission is to create a movement supporting high quality herbal products, sustainable and ethical sourcing, and greater overall transparency in how herbs reach end users.

We work to achieve this by educating end-users and industry about the issues involved and by sharing best practices to inspire more companies to implement higher standards of sustainability.

More specifically, we seek to:

  • Educate consumers about the multifaceted herbal product value networks and the issues involved while inspiring them to take action.
  • Outline steps to support sustainable practices underpinned by regenerative systems which recognize the interconnectivity of all life.
  • Share stories about best practices to inspire companies to institute new practices in their value network and in their internal policies, and to give examples of what companies need to do to act in a meaningful way.


One thought on "About Us"

  1. Kane Of Clan Moonen says:

    I have coined a term ‘Ecosystem farming’ this is more than simple permaculture. This is a holistic system of ‘farming’ that is measured by the bio-diversity on the land. Another term might be ‘Bio-diversity farming.’ This system of farming is able to farm animals, plant foods and timber all on the same area. ‘Bio-diversity’ farming creates on succession farming, creating canopy and water sources to shelter, house and attract local animals to the area.
    These animals bring seeds, in their stools, to the growing ‘farm.’ The system requires no fences for livestock and encourages the removal of fences. Exceptions include the veggie garden, which requires protection from larger grazing herbivores.

    For more information see: “I Love The Bush” available at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ0wlN_2A72kdqAU_lplV3Q

    Kane son of Eric.

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