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Sustainable Herbs Program - About Us

The Sustainable Herbs Program

Our mission is to create a movement supporting high quality herbal products, sustainable and ethical sourcing, and greater overall transparency in how herbs reach end users.

We work to achieve this by educating end-users and industry about the issues involved and by sharing best practices to inspire more companies to implement higher standards of sustainability.

We are creating a road map for consumers and companies to have the tools and resources needed to purchase and produce herbal remedies that benefit human health, promote greater social equity, community resilience and biodiversity, and ensure herbs are here now and in the future. We do this by creating educational content: videos, blog posts, toolkits, and webinars to highlight key issues and challenges the industry faces and to identify steps companies can take to address these challenges. We also convene conversations, especially pre-competitive discussions among SHP underwriters, to share resources and inspire collaboration.